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Novinky z EKF & WKF


Sekretariát WKF informoval všetky národné federácie o aktuálnych zmenách v kategóriách týkajúcich sa Majstrovstiev Európy a Majstrovstiev sveta platných od januára 2011.


We inform you that by the decision of the Executive Committee, the format of the European Junior, Cadet & Under 21 event will add the individual under 21 male Kata and the individual under 21 female Kata categories, starting already in Novi Sad 2011. This addition will have no impact in the schedule and addresses numerous demands received.


European Champs categories 2011 NEW!!!

World Champs categories 2011 NEW!!!



Informácie týkajúce sa povinnosti používania chráničov trupu vo všetkých vekových a váhových kategóriách v kumite


The Chairman of the working group (see below communication to all WKF NFs), F. Didier met during the EKF Junior and Cadets in Izmir with the members of the working group P. Egea and J. Escalante, and has proposed that in order to be on the safety side in Athens (European Senior Championships) next May, where point 2 of the letter below is going to be applied / tested, as it requires no change of the rules, all Kumite competitors should use the WKF Body Protector. The whole working group will meet in Athens and punches / kicks to the body should undergo the new interpretation but with enough protection which allows to draw the relevant conclusions with an increased safety gap. This is considered as an exceptional measure only in this event, without prejudice of the measures that the working group may propose to the WKF-EC who will meet in Belgrade, as explained in the letter below. This measure has been already approved by the EKF Executive Committee and consequently will be enforced in Athens. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.




EKF President

Antonio Espinós


Dear President,


Having felt and confirmed in the last times how it is widely perceived that the WKF Kumite Competition Rules need some further adjustments, I have decided to initiate the process and appoint a working group in charge to examine the situation and in its case to accomplish the potential changes needed in the shortest period of time possible, trying at the same time to minimize the disturbance that these changes may cause. These changes will be based on the following two principles:


1. A better and simpler understanding of the rules of the majorities applied by the refereeing panels.


2. We have to go to a more vigorous and stronger Karate, where spectacular techniques are rewarded and faking disappears.



Point 1 need some rewriting of the Rules and that point 2 refers only to a more adequate interpretation of the Rules.


These changes have been tested in the Open of Paris celebrated last January with significant success and a working group has been formed, chaired by the WKF EC member and Sports Commissioner Francis Didier and composed by Con Cassis, Pedro Egea and Javier Escalante, that also acts as secretary of this working group. All the members of this working group have experienced how these adjustments have been performing in the last Open the Paris and will meet, whenever the Chairman considers convenient, to continue with the works. The working group will also take the opportunity to schedule a meeting in Athens next May, during the EKF Senior Championships.


The work has to be finished latest by September 15th and rendered to the WKF President, who will inform to the EC and this issue will be included in the agenda of the EC in Belgrade. The implementation is foreseen for 1st of January of 2011.


The working group may, at his discretion, raise other points concerning the competition rules, that if not substantiated on time for Belgrade will continue being dealt with later on.



Best regards,

Antonio Espinós