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Poland 2023 European Games - EKF Standing

Poland 2023 European Games - EKF Standing


Next year the third edition of the European Games will take place in Poland in June 2023, with Karate included in the programme once again, giving continuity since the beginning of the European Games.

Preparations for the event are already taking off and we therefore would like to send you attached the EKF standing that will be in place for this purpose, very much in line with the one from last edition of the European Games in Minsk 2019. As for the Qualification System, this is not ready for release as yet, but we will keep you updated as usual, through our timely communications, as well as on the information published on our website

- https://www.wkf.net/news-center-new/ekf-launches-standing-for-2023-european-games/1872




EKF_Standing - 2023 European Games, Poland - SVK verzia