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Majstrovstvá Európy - PRELOŽENÉ !!!

Aktuálne informácie z EKF:

Majstrovstvá Európy kadetov, juniorov, U21, Praha 2022


Nasledujúce Majstrovstvá Európy kadetov, juniorov a U21 ako aj EKF Rozhodcovský kurz sa odkladajú na termíny 17. - 19. jún 2022 (súťaž)

a 14. - 16. jún 2022 (rozhodcovský kurz).




Hereby we would like to inform you that the current situation in the Czech Republic makes it necessary to postpone the EKF Junior, Cadet and Under 21 Championships and Referee course that were scheduled for the upcoming month of February to the dates of 17-19 June 2022 (Championships) and 14-16 June (Referee course).


As is the case with all events even more during these pandemic times, the EKF has been closely monitoring with the local organizers and the host NF the details for the event. Preparations for the EKF Championships are well underway, nevertheless, the current conditions in Czech Republic have led to new restrictions by local authorities on public gatherings and sporting events, and thus the event is no longer authorized to be held under these circumstances.


Accordingly, the EKF and the Czech NF have agreed to move the dates of the EKF Championships to 17-19 June and the Referee course to 14-16 June. Information bulletins and other details will be circulated in due course to all of you.