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Round Robin system in Premier League events 2021

With the purpose of balancing the scoring options in the WKF Ranking, of the Karate 1 Premier League events, in which there are any categories with fewer
than 16 participants, the competition format of these categories will be carried out by the system of Round Robin.

The scoring of the bouts of each group of the Round Robin system will be carried out as follows:

- 5 points for participating in the first bout.

- 10 points for each won bout.

The composition of the groups, in application of the Round Robin system, will be made according to the participants of the category, according to the attached document


Groups in Round Robin system




The WKF Ranking Commission has resolved on the following application of the WKF Ranking Rules in those cases where the round robin competition format will be applied.


Application of the "Points by place" (p.7/art. 2 of the WKF Ranking Rules) at the remaining 2021 Premier League events with round robin competition format


Points by place will be awarded as per the WKF Ranking rules exclusively for the following positions:



1st place    100

2nd place    70

3rd places   40

5th places* 30


*It is important to note that there will be only two 5th places awarded throughout categories, which will in each case be the two best "5th places" of the different pools. The two best "5th places" will be determined by application of the resolution of ties defined in the WKF Competition Rules.