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Karate 1 Premier League Rabat/Maroko 2021

Karate 1 Premier League Rabat/Maroko 2021


29. - 31.10.2021


!!! ZRUŠENÉ !!!


Žiadosti o vrátenie štartovného je potrebné zaslať na e-mail: maroc.karate1@gmail.com


Due to the situation in Morocco generated by the Covid-19 pandemic, we regret to announce that the Karate 1- Premier League Rabat 2021 has been cancelled.


The reasons for this cancellation are as follows:

the lack of an explicit authorization from the Moroccan authorities to hold the event.
obligatory quarantine in Morocco for participants of a very high number of countries for those without vaccination certificate.

Athletes registered for the Premier League in Rabat 2021 should request the refund of their registration fee to the Local Organizing Committee, through the following e-mail: maroc.karate1@gmail.com

In addition, ONLINE registration for the Karate 1 -Premier League Moscow will exceptionally be extended until 12:00 (GMT +0) on Tuesday September 21st.




Karate 1 Premier League Rabat