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Majstrovstvá Európy seniorov 2020

55. Majstrovstvá Európy seniorov, Baku, Azerbaijan

(25. - 29.3.2020)


dovoľujeme si Vás informovať, že na základe oficiálneho listu z EKF dňa 13.3.2020 sú Majstrovstvá Európy seniorov - Baku/Azerbajdžan (25.-29.3.2020)




Bulletin turnaja




Kata ženy:  Balciarová Dorota

Kata muži:  Fabian Peter


Kata team:

 Bačíková Ľudmila - Jakubechová Nikola - Merašická Nikoleta


Kumite ženy - 50 kg:  Kováčiková Lucia
Kumite ženy - 55 kg:  Semaníková Viktória
Kumite ženy - 61 kg:  Suchánková Ingrida
Kumite ženy - 68 kg:  Kopúňová Miroslava
Kumite ženy + 68 kg:  Tatárová Dominika


Kumite družstvo ženy:

Kováčiková L., Semaníková Vik., Suchánková I., Tatárová D.


Kumite muži - 60 kg:  Imrich Dominik
Kumite muži - 67 kg:  Homola Matej
Kumite muži - 75 kg:  Lieskovský Matúš
Kumite muži - 84 kg:  Gyurík Adi

Kumite muži + 84 kg: Kósa Tomáš


Kumite team muži: Podsklan Dávid


Kumite team muži:

Imrich D., Homola M., Lieskovský M., Gyurík A., Kósa T., Podsklan D.



Vedúci výpravy - Tréner:

Jozef Poliak



Peter Baďura, Jaroslav Javorský, Tomáš Kleman



Peter Kožák


Marek Mališ



Pavol Uhrín


Dear National Federations,


We would like to inform you about the major updates in light of the ongoing developments around coronavirus and the challenges related to the last qualifying events for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.


The WKF Executive Committee has approved the following measures, with the objective to give athletes best chances for Tokyo 2020 in the current situation, always in full and strict compliance with the health and safety regulations of the host country in order to safeguard all our athletes and delegations members.


A. Madrid Premier League (PL) will be the substitution event of the cancelled PL in Rabat (for the Olympic Standing)


Following indications of the national authorities in Spain, the event will be held behind closed doors. In case the situation evolves and does not allow for the event to finally take place, in this case, Salzburg would remain as the last PL event counting for the Olympic Standing. This alternative has been approved by the IOC. A special registration phase will be put in place (details to follow in separate email).


B. European Senior Championships in Baku


We are in close contact with the Azerbaijan NF to evaluate any eventual restrictions or special measures taken in the country, although we have no relevant indications as yet. Until now, there are general temperature checks upon arrival in the airport, but no further restrictions have been officially communicated. There are less than 3 weeks left for the event, however should the event finally not go ahead, last year's European Senior Championships points earned in 2019 in Guadalajara, Spain, would be the ones counting and therefore remain unchanged in the Olympic Standing (instead of being substituted with this year's event in Baku).


C. Qualification Tournament (QT) in Paris


The event will be held behind closed doors to comply with existing measures put in place by the authorities. Registration will be extended for the QT in order to give some additional time to NFs after the PL in Madrid, in line with the above-mentioned changes.


The WKF remains fully committed to the last stages of qualification towards Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games with careful consideration of the well-being of its athletes and delegations.